What is Coda’s Oasis?

A community of progressive artists of all mediums who want to create Heaven on Earth by creating a safe space to CARE.

Our soul sucking jobs and the many times we get told our opinions aren’t relevant because they are different have created a dissociation with our ability to care. It isn’t safe to care in so many places in our lives. We need a balance to the care we have to hold back for our sanity.

Coda’s Oasis is a safe space to CARE.

When we have a safe space to connect with other people who care we can dive deeper into understanding self and other. That understanding of self and other is the path to growth. Life from a different perspective is one of the benefits of art.

Coda and Ruby CARE about your perspective.

Coda and Ruby CARE about your story.

Coda and Ruby CARE about YOU.

Who are the parents of Coda’s Oasis?

Ruby Calypso is a singer, a story-teller, a ukulele player, an energy healer, a medium and so much more. Creating beauty and understanding brings her fulfillment and joy. To dive deeper into the spiritual side of life, swim on over to the MerCove.

Coda Calypso is a guitarist, a songwriter, a singer, an instrument technician, a luthier (guitar maker), a music teacher, an energy healer, a trailblazer and so much more. Creating soundscapes and collecting knowledge brings him fulfillment and joy. To keep in the flow of his project progress or talk to him find him on Twitter @CodaCalypso .

Walter and Perry can do it!!!

Together Ruby and Coda are partners in life, love, and business. The past 10 years they have supported and encouraged each other to create, to grow and to invest in self. Now they want to share that with people who care. Connecting with people who CARE brings them fulfillment and joy.

What brings you fulfillment and joy?


The Chariot

The Chariot is the vehicle that supports our progress on the path.

The Moon

The Moon reminds us that self care and intuition are just as important as action and logic. Encouraging and supporting us as we follow our dreams.

The Star

The Star reminds us to rest and enjoy the current place we are on our path.

Coda Calypso

Ruby Calypso

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